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The Mario Olla Centre for Documentation on Emigration

Founded in 1998, the Centre collects, reconstructs and promotes the history of the Pistoiese emigration.
In April 2013 the Centre moved from its previous seat, in Campo Tizzoro, to the new one, in Palazzo Achilli, where documents and evidences of emigration from the Pistoiese Mountain during the 19th and 20th century are available for public consultation.

About Mario Olla

Mario Olla was born in Florence in 1924; during the second World War he served the partisan brigade “G. Bozzi”. His political career started in 1952, when he became a member of the committee of the San Marcello Town Hall. In 1968 he was elected as major and during his mandate he promoted social initiatives for emigrants.
His interest  for the history and rights of the Italian migrants made him travel across the world to meet the old and the new generations of migrants.

The Pistoiese Emigration  

Emigration is seldom associated to the over 27 billions of Italians who settled worldwide during the 19th and 20th century. A large number of them came from the Pistoiese Apennines and was forced to move abroad to work as shepherds, wood-cutters, coalmen, stonecutters. Some of them became miners, workers of furncases and did the hardest and most dangerous job.


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