Pistoia Mountains Brand

The Area Mark Pistoian Mountains. In Tuscany Naturally is a collective brand developed by the Pistoia Mountain Ecomuseum Association, under a specific agreement with the Municipality of San Marcello Piteglio, for the tourism development of the mountain area.
Since 2020, the municipality of Abetone Cutigliano has also joined the project, sharing its importance as a means of promoting tourism.

The Brand stands as a tool to make the entire geographical area of the Pistoia Mountains recognizable and perceivable as unique in the eyes of visitors; a single image to convey the values and identity of the area.
The profile of the highlands and the vibrant colors of the proposal will serve to connote an authentic territory, where nature is the protagonist and you can still live slowly; an area ready to excite you in every season.

The Seal identifies the historical-cultural and environmental heritage, traditions, products and services, typicality, events and initiatives of the Pistoia Mountains, and all actors involved in the management of the territory and its attractiveness can apply for it.

Use of the Trademark is granted free of charge.

Are you an association, company or entity, active in the Pistoia Mountain area and want to be part of the "Pistoia Mountain" Brand system?
Here is the procedure for requesting its use.



Read the Regulations for Use and Access to Use of the Mark.

User's Manual

Download the User's Manual

Application for concession

Fill out the Usage Concession Form and mail it to marchiomontagnapistoiese@gmail.com

List of beneficiaries

Download list of Montagna Pistoiese area brand beneficiaries