Ice route

The ice route covers the history of natural ice production, which developed in the Montagna Pistoiese region between the end of the eighteenth century and the early 1900s, its main axis being located in the Valle del Reno.

This route has been part of the Ecomuseo since its inauguration in 1988.

Madonnina Icehouse

via Modenese SS 66 - Le Piastre

The Madonnina Icehouse tells about the ingenious work of the ice-maker.
This unique structure, shaped as a cone trunk and with a straw roofing, was used to store and keep natural ice, produced using water from the Reno river, a system of bridles, gaps, artificial canals and the bitter winter cold.

From 21st June to 8th September
: from Friday to Sunday and Thursday 15th August, from 3.30 to 6.30 p.m.
Meet the guide at the Madonnina Icehouse

Closed in case of bad weather

For visits during extraordinary opening hours, please call the number +39 0573 638025

Ice Teaching Hub

via della Noce - Pracchia

Currently closed, undergoing renovation.

It includes photographic and audio-visual documentation about this proto-industrial activity. It also features original tools and two architectural models: one of them reproduces the Madonnina section and the other one of the first artificial ice factory.

Ecomuseum trekking – Icehouse Pathway

via Modenese SS 66 - Le Piastre

Access is prohibited at all times in case of a weather alert.
We urge people to exercise caution and not to stop near the area marked by the warning sign.

Made possible thanks to PSR 2007-2013 measure 227, the trail runs for about 9 km, connecting Le Piastre to Pontepetri.
Accompanied by bilingual signage, the itinerary allows visitors to discover some important evidence of ice production activity.
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The trekking route can be visited independently or with a GAE (Environmental Hiking Guide) guide.
Appropriate mountain clothing is recommended.

Download here the map. The track to be followed is the one colored green.

Ice Trail reopened but caution advised!

The strong windstorm on Wednesday, 11/22/2023 caused a lot of damage along the Ice Trail: fir, beech and hornbeam plants fell, obstructing the path and making it extremely dangerous to pass. The Ecomuseum (SINCE Saturday, 12/16/2023) has made the trail safe again, but we kindly ask kind visitors to be careful along marked areas due to the possibility of landslides or falling branches.