Pistoia Mountain Ecomuseum

The Ecomuseum is a set of six outdoor itineraries, museums, educational hubs and historical artifacts that allow people to learn about the Pistoian Mountains through the signs that the relationship between man and the environment has left during centuries of history.

"The history of Italian ecomuseums began with the creation, starting in 1990, of the Pistoia Mountain Ecomuseum..."

Hugues de Varine, The singular and plural ecomuseum, 2021

Proposals for schools

The Ecomuseum promotes educational activities, for schools of all levels, focusing on the energy resources of our mountains and the themes developed by the various itineraries of which it is composed.

The Itineraries

Achilli Palace

Palazzo Achilli, central information point for the Ecomuseo, is named after a rich merchant from Rome, Filippo Achilli, who in the eighteenth century bought the ancient structure, formerly belonging to the Prince of Piombino Ludovico Appiani, then extended and partly restored it.

After renovation work by the Pistoia Provincial Government in 2005, it became a venue for temporary exhibitions to explore various topics related to the history of the Montagna Pistoiese area, organising workshops for adults and children on a regular basis.

On the paths of songs

On the paths of songs

This is an archive of folk songs, recorded between the mid-1950s and the early 2000s, almost exclusively in the Pistoia Apennines. To date (September 2022), the archive contains no. 852 sound documents and is deposited at the headquarters of the Ecomuseo della Montagna Pistoiese, Piazzetta Achilli 7, Gavinana (PT).

Check out theEcomuseum Sound Archive, with over 850 songs from the Pistoia Mountains, ascolect the songs and send any suggestions and reports to update the archive

to the e-mail box sulleviedeicanti@gmail.com.

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