The Daily life

This allows for a comparison between contemporary everyday life and that our ancestors, highlighting how – over just a few decades – the relationship with work and the environment has radically changed.


Pistoia Apennines people’s museum

RIVORETA – Via degli Scoiattoli

The museum features a journey across the daily life of people in the Apennine from the past few centuries to the present day, through working tools and everyday life, images, sounds, stories, and tests, encouraging the visitor to delve into a “hands-on” dimension.
It is possible to test one’s creativity and manual skill in the Toy Workshop, a workshop where children and teenagers can enjoy themselves building traditional items and toys using recycled materials
In an ancient restored metato outbuilding, the Wool Section has been set up, including a large loom dating to the early twentieth century, with all related accessories; here visitors can test their weaving skills, in the way locals did in the past.

From 2nd June to 10th September:
 from Friday to Sunday, 15/08 and 16/08, 3.30 p.m.-6.30 p.m.

For visits during extraordinary opening hours, please call the number +39 0573 638025

The Chestnut way 

ORSIGNA – Via di Paoluccio

Chestnut processing begins during the month of October, when the fruit is picked and taken to the metato, where it is dried on a low flame for 40 days. The chestnuts are then cleaned and transported to the Molino di Giamba where they are milled: the grindstones, driven by waterpower, turn the valuable fruits into sweet flour.
Between the end of October and early December it is possible to pick the chestnuts in the didactic orchard and watch all phases of this process. During the rest of the year you can walk in and sit in the metato, then walking down the Orsigna stream, cross the two wooden bridges built following a project by Leonardo da Vinci and reach the mill, which will be operated for your benefit!

The Coal way


After the mill, we invite you to discover the ancient trade of the coalman.
Try and picture his hard life: walk into the shelter – a shack made of branches, leaves, and earth – where coalmen spent long months far away from home – and look at the reconstruction of a coal cellar: this will give you an idea of how much effort and expertise were required to store the wood for burning in a workmanlike manner and to get coal.

The Everyday life Route in Orsigna is managed by the Cultural Association I Tre Mulini, a member of SIMOP.

From 2nd June to 10th September:
from Friday to Sunday and 15/08, 3.30-6.30 p.m.
Meet the guide at the meeting point at 3.30 p.m. For the following visits, the guide will be along the route.

For visits during extraordinary opening hours, please call the number +39 0573 638025

Ecomuseum recommends

Tiziano’s Pathway

Casa Cucciani – Orsigna

After walking through the village of Case Moretti and following route 5 of CAI, you reach Casa Cucciani; this is where the “Sentiero di Tiziano” starts, a pathway dedicated to the writer and journalist Tiziano Terzani, who chose Orsigna as his place of the soul.
The path ends in a clearing, where the tree with eyes stands: this is the tall cherry tree on which Terzani affixed two glass eyes to explain to his grandson Novalis that plants have a soul as well, therefore they should be treated with respect. There are Tibet flags, thoughts, and recollections of those who visited this place, hanging from its branches, symbolising concentration and feeling at one with nature. It is a magical place where you can escape reality and everything seems more enchanting.