the naturalistic trail

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the naturalistic trail

The naturalistic trail highlights the typical botanic and forest species of the Pistoiese Apennine and provides documentary evidence of the presence of human groups since the prehistorical period.

Botanical and Forest Garden of Abetone
Upper Sestaione Valley.

The average summer temperature is lower than 20°C. For this reason the garden hosts many kinds of Alpine species. Among them some “glacial relics” stand out , such as the spruce pine, the red rhododendron, etc.

Opening hours:
From 15th June to 6th September:
 From Monday to Saturday 9.30 am 12.30 pm and 3.00-6.30 pm, Sundays and 15/08 9.30 am  - 6.30 pm
Guided visit daily

By the Fontana Vaccaia learning centre (in Abetone) , the Botanical Garden analyzes various naturalistic areas of the Pistoiese Mountain. Inside the structure temporary exhibitions and educational courses are arranged.

Are also available for visitors an herbarium with local essences, exercising binocular microscopes and exhibition areas.

Educational ideas:
evolution of the landscape
local flora and fauna
local history
Workshops on biodiversity and naturalistic games

Orchidea Maculata 

Orto botanico forestale di Abetone