Palazzo Achilli

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Palazzo Achilli

Piazzetta Achilli, 7 - Gavinana

Palazzo Achilli is the main information centre of the Ecomuseum.
Probably built in 1585, it takes its name from the rich Roman merchant Filippo Achilli. He bought the ancient building during the 18th century directly from Ludovico Appiani, Prince of Piombino, and provided for its enlargement and rebuilding.

The Palazzo was restored by the Province of Pistoia in 2005 and now host temporary exhibitions in order to analyze many aspects that are linked to the history of the Mountain and also organizes educational workshops for children and adults.

Opening hours:
- from Wednsday to Sunday 10.00 am - 12.00 pm and 4.00-7.00 pm.

Palazzo Achilli also hosts:

The sound archive about the Pistoiese Mountains oral traditions:
A meticoulous research work that brought back to light hundreds of chants, rhymed folk songs and lullabies, recorded by the real voices of the sources (witnesses of the above-mentioned oral culture).

The Mario Olla Centre
Since April 2013 it makes available for everyone documents and evidences of emigration from the Pistoiese Mountain during the 19th and 20th century.

The Wood Room
It's an interesting room, a simulation of a forest where the visitors listen noises of nature and of animals who live in the Pistoiese Mountain.

Foto di Lorenzo Gori