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About us

The Ecomuseum of the Pistoiese Mountain, active since 1990, consists in 6 outdoor itineraries, museums, learning centres, cycling (Ecomuseum Mountain bike Experience) and historical artifacts that enable us to learn more about the Pistoiese Mountain, helped by the signs that the relationship between people and the environment left over centuries of history.

A simple environment, where water and wood provided for raw materials and energy, used by the inhabitants for their basic but smart productive machineries: the ironworks, the ice-houses and the mills.

The 22nd of November 2011 saw the birth of the Ecomuseum Association of the Pistoiese Mountain that supervises the whole system. It is based in the Palazzo Achilli, Piazzetta Achilli 7, Gavinana (PT).
With the support of qualified staff, the Ecomuseum organizes educational workshops, attended by around 2000 students and hosts around 10.000 visitors over the year.